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Do you offer storage for cars, motorcycles, boats, trailers and construction equipment?
Yes, Chunga Mali offers drive-in storage units that are great for storing cars and motorcycles. The ideal size unit for storing a car is our ‘Large’ unit. Motorcycles generally fit in our ‘Small’ units. We can offer open and covered parking space in our expansive yard area.

Do you offer packing and moving supplies?
We have a recommended transporter based out of Chunga Mali. Contacts are on our website. We do not offer packaging service or materials at this time.

Can I reserve a storage space in person, on the phone, or online?
Yes, reservations can be made by phone (+254 721 560167, +254 733 714406) and email ( Payments can be made by direct transfer or MPESA. Details will be provided with invoices on request.

Are there any other hidden charges?
No, none. There’s no deposit required and VAT is included in unit rental prices as listed.

What has Tamfeeds Ltd. to do with Chunga Mali Self Storage?
Tamfeeds Ltd. Is the owner/operator of Chunga Mali. Invoices are issue from and payments are made to Tamfeeds Ltd.

Why is Chunga Mali located in Hardy, far from central Nairobi?
Though Chunga Mali Self Storage opened only recently in October 2019, Tamfeeds Ltd. has owned the property for almost 30 years. We are very much part of the neighbourhood, hire locally and support the local community. This is a much safer and secure environment than Nairobi’s industrial area!

Do you provide locks?
Locks are available for purchase, otherwise bring your own. We do not retain keys, you control exclusive access to your unit.

Do you keep a key to my unit?
We do not. The lock provided to you comes with multiple keys. We do not have a duplicate or a master key.

Are there specific times that I can access my storage unit?
Chunga Mali open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Access hours are 8 AM to 6 PM.

Can I be assured that my belongings will be safe?
There is not a storage company that can guarantee that your belongings will be completely safe. However, in addition to our secure location our facility is equipped with security features that deter crime. 

We offer the following security measures to protect our buildings.
24-hour video monitoring with PVR (recording).

On-site security seven days a week with all neighbouring plots secured by Tamfeeds/Chunga Mali security teams as well.
Full-time maintenance staff to keep the facility clean and appropriately maintained.
‘Controlled Access’ restricted to unit renters and their assigned agents.
Casual visitors are not allowed. Prospective clients visit by appointment only and are accompanied.

Do you provide insurance?
We have a nominal (small) amount of fire & theft cover for each unit. Our providers Fred Black Insurance are familiar with our facility and will insure additionally as per your requirements.
Contact Jason: 0711 762003,

Can I designate specific people, other than myself, to have access to my storage unit?
You can restrict access to yourself, or you may designate specific people to have access to your unit. Designated access info is provided with the rental contract submission.

Do you rent space month-to-month or do I have to sign a long-term lease?
Our rental contracts are month-to-month or quarterly. You choose.

How does the move-out process work?
The process is simple;
Empty your storage unit and we will inspect for any (unlikely) damage.
Your account will be immediately closed at the end of the billing period. Full-month residual time made on quarterly contracts are refundable. Remaining days on monthly contracts are not.
Remember to take your lock; it is your property.

What happens if I’m late with my payment?
We bill on the 1st of each month or in some cases 30 days from occupancy. If your payment is late, we grant every customer a 5-day grace period. After the 5th of the month, any account that is past due will be denied access to their unit until such time as the balance is brought current.

Do you hold auctions?
Unfortunately, from time to time we have no alternative but to conduct a public sale to satisfy a lien due to unpaid rent and the associated fees.

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